Sunday, August 16, 2009

AfroC Fashion pick

Our fashion pick for the week This beautiful outfit worn by this gorgeous lady symbolizes a fusion of afro-western fashion.

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pictures: courtesy of explicit fashion magazine.


  1. i am digging the skirt, the top, i wld have done a bit differently, more red!
    Overall, great outift on a nice figure

  2. i like the outfit, good for summer..

  3. Your designs are cute. loving that blue dress...let me go and look around your website. :-)

  4. Nice I will say but don't think that front scoop boobs curve is nice on ladies with small boobs. Does not accentuate a sexual appeal and a feminine look one bit.
    Think it will look good if it's just straight strapless without the boobs scoop.

  5. nice of you to come
    i love the

  6. @Chayoma...thanks, I like the design
    @BSNC....yup, and good for showing off your beautiful skin too
    @Original mgbeke....thanks a lot. Go browse all you might find something to buy.
    @Sassy....are we looking at the same pic? I dont see the front scoop--its just plain strapless.
    @Leggy....thanks my dear. na so so busy schedule. hope you are good